During your session with AAIT:

First, I will collaborate with you to discover problems that keep you from achieving your short and long term goals and formulate an action plan. Then we are ready to work! I will apply AAIT methods that will help resolve your identified problems. If you are saying to yourself, “I am not sure what exactly is my problem, I just know something is not right,” no worry. I will help you figure out what is making you feel ‘not right.’ Acceptance and Integration Training™ (AAIT) model is state of the art methods to help you resolve your emotional suffering, works quickly and by the end of the session, you can expect some level of healing and resolution (feelings of peace, wholeness, a weight being lifted) to your problem.

Each time we meet, we will briefly discuss any noticeable changes (wins and losses), ways to grow in those changes and review any home practice (techniques I will teach you) and new insights. Then we will identify another problem that needs resolution. Again once the problem is identified, you follow my lead as I use AAIT methods that help aid in your healing.

Some of the things you can expect through your participation in AAIT, reduced reactivity and an increase in thoughtful responses, compassion for yourself and others will improve, new insights or clarity will emerge that will help you better understand yourself and the world around you. These new insights and feelings of peace and wholeness tend to remain long term. Additionally, I will teach you simple home practice methods to sustain and enhance these positive outcomes.