I provide individual and group therapy services in the Knoxville, TN area and am also available for video conferencing sessions. My practice is devoted to serving those who are dealing with:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • bipolar

  • anger

  • stress management

  • compassion fatigue

  • weight management

  • sports performance.

  • trauma/PTSD

  • addictions

  • self-esteem

I specialize in a promising practice called Acceptance and Integration Training™ (AAIT). AAIT helps eliminate suffering in a relatively short amount of time, enabling you to make quick progress towards achieving your goals and live a more fulfilling life. I hope to teach you these techniques to live life as your true self.


“Bobby’s unique approach to therapy allows me to resolve issues I have. I am able to heal as a result. He is intuitive insightful, and knowledgeable. A miracle worker in my life. ”

Actual Client
“First, I have to say that Bobby is not only a wonderful therapist, but he is also one of the best humans on the planet! The acceptance and integration training work he guides me through takes away negative feelings/emotions layer by layer until the issue doesn’t feel like that big of a problem anymore and that happens every session!! I feel like everyone should be kind to themselves and try this therapy. Just be open, honest, and willing to be vulnerable and your life will change from practicing these techniques.”
Actual Client
“AAIT has expanded my self-awareness in such a way that has transformed my every day life. I am in control of my emotions thus leaving me in total control of my actions whereas I was unable to do so before I began working with Bobby. This change is not only recognizable to me as my family claims that my life and personality have improved wonders. My performance in academics has also improved since I now have the freedom from worry to pursue my full potential. I am ever grateful for the opportunity to experience AAIT.”
Actual Client
“I’ve been really “light” and happy since our session. Really good night with my wife too. Thank you so much Bobby. Truly…thank you.”
Actual Client