The Acceptance and Integration Training® Fellowship Training Group (AAIT™ FTG) is designed for mental health practitioners in any setting, who are ready to advance their clinical skills. AAIT™ is a comprehensive approach to therapy developed by Melanie McGhee, L.C.S.W. based on her more than three decades of clinical practice and dedicated studying under various master therapists, primarily Dick Olney and Zivorad Slavinski. AAIT™ is a strategic and reliable approach to therapy, aimed to quickly alleviate psychological suffering associated with old wounds, unmet needs, traumas and more. AAIT™ shifts identification from the false-conditioned self and propels individuals into their true-authentic self where goal attainment is achieved with greater ease.

How would it feel to you if you were able to ask your client confidently, “What would you like to feel better about today?” In the Acceptance and Integration Training® Fellowship Training Group, mental health professionals discover a newfound excitement for and confidence in their clinical practice. AAIT™ FTG participants report feeling empowered in both their personal and professional lives, often after the first weekend of AAIT™ FTG. Excitement and empowerment continue to grow as clinicians and their clients alike experience the freedom that emerges when identification shifts from the false-conditioned self to the true self.

AAIT™ FTG is a meticulously designed, 9-month training experience. The FTG meets for one weekend a month to learn and perfect AAIT™ integrative methods. This will occur each month of the FTG program with the exception of December, where we will hold two, two-hour Zoom meetings, used to fine tune understanding and application of the AAIT™ processes. Certification is awarded at the end of the eight-month training experience.

Why You’ll Love This Training

The Acceptance and Integration Training® Fellowship Training Group is designed to enhance both personal and professional development for the innovative practitioner. Through participation in the AAIT™ FTG, you will enhance your ability to bring healing to those you serve and yourself. The training group is limited to a small number of participants in order to foster a comfortable and fully supportive learning environment. The comfortable, small group setting helps to ensure individualized attention and mastery of AAIT™ methods. Participants can expect to be able to implement learned AAIT processes the very next day.
Further, you will have the support you need to fully integrate what you have learned into your current practice, as well as coaching for how to use AAIT™ to design a practice you love. Additionally, AAIT™ FTG participants will engage with a practice partner to further advance your skills and understanding of what you have learned. AAIT™ FTG participants will also have exclusive access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support throughout the duration of the training group and beyond.

All training materials, as well as unlimited access to the AAIT™ Skills Lab are included with course enrollment.

What is Included

In AAIT™ FTG, you will develop a practical understanding of the principles of AAIT™ and how they inform your practice. These principles will deeply guide your work, helping you understand and embody the mechanisms of change that fuel this promising model.

  • Self acceptance is both a means and measure of well-being.
  • Taking responsibility for and tending to our inner state is the source of our freedom.
  • Resolving reactivity reveals higher states of consciousness.
  • Integration of two opposing states can alleviate psychological suffering.
  • The real self is not an object or the sum of a narrative. The real self is a being.
  • The non-dual states of empty consciousness are an indication and mechanism of transformation. Cultivating an awareness of this space contributes to increases in present focused attention, empathy, self-compassion and more skillful choices.

Through your participation in the AAIT™ FTG, you will master the phases of an AAIT™ session. These phases guide your work with clients, helping them to discover the limitations of their false self and collaborating with them to propel them towards their goals quickly. The power of integration is achieved by integrating opposing states, thus alleviating psychological distress. Embodiment practice teaches clients how to tend to their own inner states of being between sessions, helping them to discover new content and further advance their progress. Additionally, directing their awareness to the change they are experiencing and opportunity for further growth.

  • Discover
  • Collaborative Agreement
  • Integration
  • Deliberate Embodiment Practice
  • Directed Awareness

Below is a comprehensive list of the methods you will learn through your participation in the AAIT™ FTG. By the end of each training session you will be able to confidently use these methods with your clients.

Basic PEAT (developed by Zivorad Slavinski)

Basic PEAT is used to eliminate unsatisfying states caused by every day stressors, addiction cravings, anger, anxious states, future worries, past events and more. BP is one method that can be easily taught to your clients for their use at home.

Universal Process (developed by Zivorad Slavinski)

Universal process is a reliable application for the integration of universal polarities. This valuable practice is one you can teach your clients.

End of Words (developed by Ivana Tomanovich)

End of Words uses the fundamental polarities of bad and good to navigate through unconscious content of a particular problem. End of words is another reliable application you can teach your clients.

Deep PEAT 4 (developed by Zivorad Slavinski)

Deep PEAT4 is used to integrate two opposing states to alleviate psychological and interpersonal distress. This method is highly effective in resolving negatively charged memories, bad experiences, defeat and more. DP4 is flexible and can be used creatively. It is also a highly effective method for clients who experience emotional flooding.

Deep PEAT 4 Shadow Integration (developed by Zivorad Slavinski)

Deep PEAT4 Shadow Integration is used to help clients identify aspects of their shadow (whether conscious or unconscious) and integrate their shadow to experience wholeness. This method is especially powerful for anger and resentments at ourselves and towards others.

Deep PEAT 4 Golden Shadow Integration (developed by Zivorad Slavinski)

Deep PEAT4 Golden Shadow Integration is used to instill positive qualities, characteristics and goals, rendering them easier to access and achieve. This method is ideal for use when a client has moved away from a problem and is ready to advance towards their goal.

Finger Tip Method (developed by Zivorad Slavinski)

Finger Tip Method is used to efficiently resolve traumatic moments. This simple, but highly effective method can break up a traumatic movement by creating distance (then and now) between the client and the traumatic event quickly. The memory of the trauma becomes more of an awareness instead of an uninvited intrusion on the individual.

Aspect Retrieval (developed by Melanie McGhee)

Aspect Retrieval is used to recover lost aspects of ourselves, resulting from trauma. Because trauma is so impactful, critical decisions made in those moments become stuck until they are retrieved and reintegrated, thus creating a new sense of wholeness.

Deep PEAT (developed by Zivorad Slavinski)

Deep PEAT is the crest jewel of Zivorad Slavinski’s work. This method releases layered, long standing problems without long drawn out exploration of the client’s history or narrative. This method works to identify and integrate the root problematic polarity that has been driving the problem.

Aspectics (developed by Zivorad Slavinski)

Aspectics resolves previously unresolved aspects of the self through a chain of goals, ultimately arriving at spacious and empty consciousness. The state of spacious, empty consciousness from Aspectics deepens enlightenment and becomes a mechanism of transformation.

Gnostic Intensive and Sunyata Seminar (developed by Zivorad Slavinski)

The Gnostic Intensive is a direct experience of truth about life’s big questions- “Who am I?” “What is Life?” & “Who is another person?” to name a few.

Sunyata Seminar grants and further amplifies the experience of vast, empty conscious.

The intensive and seminar are not to be learned, just experienced for your own personal and professional growth and development.

Identity Integration (developed by Vladimir Stojakovic)

Identity Integration provides you with a comprehensive understanding of identities and the roles identities play in our lives. Identity integration methods liberate stuck identities tied to negative experiences and separating you from your goals.

And much, much more…


August 20, 21, 22
September 18
October 9, 10
November 13
December 1, 15 **


January 8, 9
February 12
March 5,6
April 2,3

Zoom Online 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM Eastern Time

** 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Individuals who have previously participated in AAIT Foundations will receive a $300 discount.
Payment Options:
Payment for the AAIT™ FTG can be made by check, Venmo, or credit card. Payment may be made in full or in
$450 per month installments for 12 months
Foundations Discount, Pay $425 per month for 12 months